Thursday, September 21, 2017

Tatay Ni Sarah Geronimo Galit Na Galit Matapos Makasagutan Ang Boyfriend Nito Na Si Matteo Guidicelli! Alamin Kung Bakit!

Let's face the fact that it's not easy to be with Sarah Geronimo. There are claims that her parents are too strict when it comes to her and it's pretty impossible for you to get their approval. However, there's this one man who did everything to get their approval. Matteo Guidicelli did his best to finally be with Sarah Geronimo and now, they've been together for years.

Through the years, we've seen Sarah support her boyfriend every time he joins different athletic activities and with that, people thought that Sarah's parents are already letting her do what she really wants to do.

However, just when people thought that things between Matteo and Sarah's dad are fine, rumors about them having a heated argument, spread like a wildfire online!

Bandera Inquirer stated in their report that there seems to be a problem between Matteo and Sarah's dad. There are claims that it all started when Sarah finally moved into her new condo and when her manager gave her one million pesos to start her own life. Sarah was so happy with what had happened since she hasn't been the one who takes care of her earnings.