Saturday, September 30, 2017

Tinaguriang 'Pregnant Man' Nakahinga Nang Maluwag Nang Matanggal Ang Ubod Ng Laking Pamamaga Sa Kanyang Tiyan!

A man from Leshan City in Sichuan Province has been tagged as the legendary pregnant man after his belly uncontrollably grew the same as pregnant women's bellies. 

it was back in 2004 when he first felt the pain in his stomach. He thought that it was just a normal pain so he decided to shrug it off.

He thought that going to the hospital was a bit expensive so he just chose to rely on herbal and natural medicines to try and cure what he was experiencing. AFter two years, he regret what he did so he decided to have a check-up and there, he found out that he had a tumor growing inside his stomach that needs to be removed.

He still continued to cure himself through the use of traditional medicines but they didn't help but just made his condition become worse.