Saturday, September 2, 2017

TUNAY NA F*CKBOY: Habang kahilakan niya ang isang babae, naglalakbay naman ang kamay ng lalaking ito sa katawan ng isa pang babae!

These days, more and more people are spending their free times inside a bar or in a night out with their friends. After a long and tiring day at work the best thing to do to let loose is to get a few beers with your friends. However, there are times when they are having too much that they already started to lose themselves.

Now, if you are a man's girlfriend, one thing that you don't want him to do is to touch other women. Flirting with other women is already called cheating what more if he's touching the other woman right?

On the Facebook page of 'S i m p l e G i r l', a 12-second video that was posted left everyone in total shock. As of this writing the video has already garnered 5.3 million views, more than 5 thousand reactions and more than 2 thousand shares on Facebook.

The 12-second video that was taken in some sort of a bar, a man could be seen kissing his girlfriend passionately. However, it's not the 'kissing moment' that has captured the attention of the netizens, but rather the other acts that the man was doing while he's kissing his girlfriend!

In the video, while he was kissing his girlfriend, he uses his left hand to support his girlfriend's back while he used his right hand to touch the other woman who was standing behind him! Yes, you've read that right! While passionately kissing his girlfriend, he's using his other hand to touch other woman!